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This girl with down syndrome was adopted by a single father

It’s always nice to see the best of humanity. And this single father is among the best of the best. When a girl with Down’s syndrome was adopted by 20 potential adopters at the age of 13 days, she advanced. However, he needed to overcome many things for the authorities to accept as her father.

Luca Trapanese is an Italian single father. However, Italian social services rarely give custody to single parents. And they discriminate against homosexuals as well. This left Luca gay and single in a bad position.

However, he has always suggested adopting Alba, who is two weeks old and has Down syndrome. Because he knew it was the right thing. And after a long struggle with the social services, he became a single father of a beautiful girl. she finally had a house after so many people said they did not want to adopt her.

He believes that his historic adoption “destroys stereotypes about fatherhood, religion and family”. We can not avoid agreeing. His love for a child in need shows that he has everything Alba will need from a father. No matter of his sexuality or if he is in a relationship, you have everything a child could need from a parent.

Luca has worked all his life as a caregiver for people with special needs and has always dreamed of being a father. And now, his dreams have finally come true. Fortunately, the authorities granted her custody of the little Alba and live happily together.

Alba is now almost two years old and her unmarried father, Luca, is convinced that she has made the right decision. The couple is incredibly happy and shows the world that stereotypes have no place. They love each other and that’s the most important thing.


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