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This Cute, Adorable Round Bearded Reedling Can Make You Aww

Are you an Angry Birds fan? Well, I am. Don’t you feel it’s interesting to observe the behavior of other animals? Like to make it a hobby?

Bird world is a whole new world with different colors with mesmerizing birds. Each and every bird has unique characteristics. 

If you have never thought about watching birds as a hobby, this bird, Bearded Reedling would be able to grab your attention.

This cutie is a small bird with a long tail. As they are approximately 16.5cm, one can easily fit into your palm.

Image credits: Kev Chapman

Their unique appearance makes them highlighted.

Image credits: rado_vaclav

Males are noticeable due to their gingerish color and bluish-grey heads

The specialty is they have a black mustache-like maker under their eyes and beneath their tails

Females are different from males (fact)

Females are paler and have no mustache marking. Their beaks are darker than the males’

Image credits: nickpix2008

Their range is slowly decreasing

Image credits: rado_vaclav

These are not migration birds. So you can see them in Europe and Asia all year long