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These types of pains are directly linked with your emotions

1.       Pain in the head

Everything is sometimes in the head right? Head pain often comes with increased stress. If you have so much stressful situations on daily basis the head pain eventually comes to you. You should take a break and become relaxed for a moment or two if you have head pain.

2.       Pain in the neck

Neck is related with forgiving. If you have any problem with forgiving yourself or any other person for any matter the neck pain occurs. So you should try to avoid that thoughts and fill your mind with happy memories instead.

3.       Shoulder pain

This actually means that you have too much in your shoulders.  You think that all the problems you face in the moment are too much for you and you need help. You have reached the end of your problem bearing capacity. So do what is needed, get some help or try reducing your responsibilities by sharing them with someone else.

4.       pain in the upper back

This means that you have doubts about self-worth and love. You think you don’t get enough attention or emotional support from someone who you love.  Try changing that , be with someone who you can really shares something.

5.       Lower back pain

This comes with financial problems. It’s time to start money management plan or to talk to your employer about increase in the salary.

6.       Elbow pain

IF you have not done a change in your life for a long time, it may be the reason for this. If you don’t like to change, make minor things change within your comfort zone and move on.

7.       Pain in hands

Social relationship problems cause you this. If you have trouble getting along with people pain in hands signs you about this. Try to improve your social skills, become friendly with people and be more open to them. Things will change for good.

8.       Hip pain

This signs you that you have a problem with decision making. You think way too much about all the decisions you make, and you are too afraid to move on. Just get on with it.

9.    Pain in the knees

So this tells you about your ego. You might have a slightly bigger ego than others and you think you deserve better than others. Try become bit humble and nice to others. Life is easier that way and remember everyone is unique in their own way.


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