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The One And Only Albino Dolphin in The Entire Eastern Pacific Ocean Appears After 6 Years

Nature has its ways of surprising us. Just as inland, there are zillions of mysterious stuff underwater which we haven’t still identified. So, don’t be amazed if this is the first time you hear about this albino dolphin because many haven’t.

It was in 2015 this mighty creature was first identified near the coast of Moss Landing, by the Blue Ocean Whale Watch employees. In 2021, the albino was identified with its mother and other members again near the Monterey Bay of California. The employees of the Department of Animal Protection who arrived at the site confirmed that it is the Risso dolphin.

Albinism is not exclusive to humans. There are tigers, peacocks, and many animals who got this color mutation. However, unlike the albino whales who turn to their natural color after 3-4 years, albino dolphins remain the same for their lifetime. This is the only albino dolphin in the entire Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Just like in humans, melanin is the reason for this color mutation. This unique color indeed makes these species special. Yet, melanin could cause health effects too.

Having a high level of melanin leads to skin diseases, poor eyesight, and hearing. Also, if the albino is not larger, it could be the first target of the predators. Plus, they have to be better at hunting because their color can expose them.

However, the department says that this unique creature seems to be healthy and calmly hunts with its members.


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