The love of a mother is never ending – mother bear stops traffic and helps her cubs cross the road

We’ve encountered several heartwarming moments with wildlife, and this is one such moment where a momma bear is trying hard to get her cubs across the road. However much the mother is trying to get them across, her mission is hampered by two of the little ones who aren’t being very cooperative. Although this scene which lasted for 20 minutes led to traffic congestion, the drivers were patient enough to wait till the momma succeeded to get all her cubs across.

FACEBOOK/Robin Covelli

Among the drivers who witnessed this scene was Robin Covelli from Torrington, Connecticut, captured this moment which tugs on your heartstrings on camera, which went viral with millions of views within under a day. She captioned this on Facebook saying: “I was very lucky to witness this today. This poor mama bear tried for 15-20 minutes to get her 4 (yes 4) cubs across the street. As you can see they were not very cooperative, but oh, so adorable! I’m sure many of you moms out there can so relate!”

FACEBOOK/Robin Covelli

This loving momma bear, trying to get her cubs to cross the road, she grabs a cub by her mouth and although she encourages the rest to follow her, the second follows her while the others are being stubborn and staying put. The third cub however finds its courage to cross the road, and the fourth just climbs a tree in the opposite direction. To the amusement of the drivers, when the mother comes back to cross her other cubs, the one which was already on the other side, follows her back. Nevertheless, the momma bear was finally able to get all her cubs in one place, and let me tell you one thing, being a mom, is definitely not an easy job.