The locals immortalized the memory of the beloved street cat after her death by erecting a statue

In the animal world, cats are the kind of most adorable creatures ever. Many peoples love cats while others are not.

This story is about a loving cat that was in love with people in Turkish, Istanbul. She became famous when someone photographed her sitting in a very funny relaxed pose on the street of Istanbul.

Tombili the cat became a true internet legend. However, a year ago, she passed away. In Istanbul, they decided to erect a monument to her. It is a small bronze statue and it was the place where she once photographed.

It is intended to remind the residents and guests of Istanbul. In the midst of the bustle and eternal circle of warriors, it means you need to find some time to sit down and relax, looking into the distance.

Even her cat best friends often come to it and sit next to it as remember their famous friend Tombili.