The Dog Who Stops The Pro Soccer Match Is Adopted By The Bolivian Football Player; Raúl Castro

We all know that how much we get carried away when we spectate a soccer match. Well, sometimes it makes us feel that we’d do better than the pros if we were at the field. Yet here we are, sitting on the benches screaming out till we can’t utter a word anymore. 

We don’t own the power to stop an on-going match, right? But who can, expect the referee? 

How about a dog? You didn’t see that coming right? Huh 

It was on December 24th, the match between Nacional Potosí and The Strongest at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia has started. It was then a pooch decided to take the attention of the whole world by stopping the match for whole three minutes. 

He stole a soccer boot and was running in the pitch. What he got in return was belly rubs from the players before he was taken away by Raúl Castro, a player from the home team.

This furball was named as Cachito. Not he won the hearts of thousands of fans, it seems like he brought the charm to the home team. They won the match in the Christmas Eve by 3-0. And if you think it’s the end. Well, you my friend, is wrong.

The dog made it to the international by interrupting a soccer match in Bolivia

He stopped the match for three minutes by carrying a substitute goalkeeper’s soccer boot.

“Cachito” got belly rubs from the players in return

Image credits: Jorge Mamani

Raúl Castro, a player from the home team finally took the pooch off the pitch

Image credits: Reuters

Few days later, Cachito was found struck by a vehicle, weak and isolated

Image credits: GuissVel

Image credits: GuissVel

Image credits: GuissVel

A local shelter found him and treated him until he gets better

Once Raúl Castro, the player who escorted Cachito off the pitch heard the news, decided to adopt the pup when he returned to Bolivia for the next game

Image credits: Reuters