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The Dog Who Goes For A Walk Brings A Stray Kitten Who She Just Rescued

We have known that cats and dogs haven’t been on good terms since like forever. I hope most of you would agree with me. All we have seen are fights between cats and dogs but sometimes there are rare cases, just like this one.

The three-year-old Yorkie-Chihuahua- poodle mix goes for her daily voyage on this rainy day and that’s how this story begins.

Hazel, this fluffy friend lives with her hooman mom, Monica Burks in Abilene, Texas. Hazel was adopted when she was only a few weeks old and ever since she has been living her life to the fullest with Monica. But, I’m pretty sure that she did not expect her fur baby would be a hero one day.


Hazel wanted to go out for her needs despite the rain. So, Monica was expecting Hazel to return soon. Yet, Hazel was taking time to return which only made Monica more anxious. But little did she know that Hazel had been saving another innocent soul in the rain.


It turned out that Hazel had met a cat when she was taking a walk. So, rather than going home, Hazel went to comfort her, and the cat turned out to be homeless. So, instead of leaving her behind in the rain, Hazel accompanied her home with her. Later when Monica checked her surveillance camera, she witnessed the whole situation.


“There must be something called pure love,” Monica said. “I saw Hazel’s maternal instincts come to light!”

Want to see the whole footage? Here is the video

The rescued kitten and our hero were welcomed with plenty of treats. To make the ending merrier, the kitten was adopted by Monica’s brother Michael and named Sheba, giving her the home she deserves.


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