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The daring pig is overjoyed that he was apprehended by police

More frequently than not, to wind up in the reverse of a police command auto is a enough decent sign that commodity did n’t go as planned. After all, being arrested is not everyone’s idea of a good time.

Unless, maybe, your name is Elvis Pigsley.


Elvis Pigsley lives in Alaska with his adoring proprietor, Angela Mullen- Herrera. Indeed though Elvis has a cozy home where he gets plenitude of affection, his is a heart that loves to wander, make musketeers and new recollections.

In an interview, Mullen- Herrera had this to say “ He’s gone on all feathers of adventures. He’s a big escape artist. I ’ve had to bait him back with apple slices before( on multiple occasions). ”

That said, after Elvis headed out on his most recent adventure, it would take further than gooey treats to get him home.


The other day, during a light snowstorm, Elvis ever managed to slip out of a gate at home, giving him full access to the wide world beyond. What new gests did this rearmost adventure occasion hold in store? Elvis could only guess.

After moseying for a while through the neighborhood, the portly rubberneck attracted the attention of a concerned passerby — and they called the bobbies .

And ahead long, with the appearance of police, Elvis Pigsley set up himself under arrest.


It was hardly a worrisome development for the friendly gormandizer, still — noway ahead had one of his wanderings ended with similar excitement!

Gaping out from the reverse of the police auto, Elvis sounded pleased as punch.

Mullen- Herrera also said “ He looks veritably impressed with himself. I ’m sure he loved the experience. ”


Thankfully, Elvis is similar a given figure around the neighborhood that it did n’t take long for the arresting officers to track down where he lives.

Mullen- Herrera’s hubby was at home to admit them, and she says “ He told me it went well and that the police were veritably nice and understanding. ”

Meanwhile, Elvis got off with just a warning.


As this and Elvis ’ past adventures prove, gormandizers are largely intelligent, curious creatures — and can be more grueling to keep as faves than people might imagine.

Fortunately for Mullen- Herrera, she’s getting backing from Alaska Potbelly Pig Rescue on how stylish to watch for Elvis.


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