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Taxi Driver Finds Dog and Note Left in Back of Cab by Passenger

In his capacity as a cab driver in Bogotá, Colombia, Dagoberto Rojas Buitrago is accustomed to moving people throughout the metropolis. Rojas Buitrago was glad to help out when a man with a black backpack requested a transport to a nearby mall last year.

The two men had a brief conversation before they arrived at their destination, just like any other ride. The passenger then released the bag from his arm and asked an odd question.


In an interview, Rojas Buitrago claimed, “The guy said he didn’t have money and that he was going to go to an ATM.” But the bag started to move as soon as he got out of the car.

Rojas Buitrago was startled, so he placed his hand on the bag and, after being certain that there was a person inside, he made the decision to open it.

Rojas Buitrago remarked, “I unzipped the zipper and found a puppy and a message.


To his amazement, the traveler not only left behind an innocent puppy, but the little creature also had instructions.

The letter stated, “Walks: 5:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 8:30 p.m. Clean your paws after every walk.”

Next, the memo included information about the puppy’s feeding schedule, his propensity to sneak out of closed doors, and when to give him rewards.


The puppy was taken out of the sack by Rojas Buitrago and set on his lap. After an hour of waiting for the passenger to return, his greatest suspicion was realized.

Rojas Buitrago stated, “I waited for almost an hour, and then I realized for sure that he was abandoned. “He felt uneasy. When I pulled him out, he was frantically searching for the other person. However, the man never returned, so I took the dog to work with me for the remainder of the morning.

After spending a few hours driving about in the cab with the dog, Rojas Buitrago understood that the dog was unique. He then made the decision to permanently bring him home.


Since we didn’t have any pets at home, I decided to adopt him. stated Rojas Buitrago. We gave him the moniker Toby Taxista.

Toby Taxista was anxious that first morning, but as soon as he realized he was safe in his new house, his anxiety subsided. The message his previous owner left behind helped Rojas Buitrago’s family immediately discover all about Toby Taxista’s nature.

Rojas Buitrago stated, “We followed the directions exactly as they were given in the letter. He leaves with the family several times a day and begins his day at 5:00 a.m.

Since Rojas Buitrago found the puppy in his taxi’s back seat a little more than a year ago, the two have become even closer. Toby Taxista occasionally goes to work with his father, where he cheerfully welcomes every customer. And when he isn’t driving his father’s car, Toby knows just when to anticipate him at home.


He waits for me to arrive home since he knows I return home about 10 p.m., according to Rojas Buitrago. “I go to open the door, and he’s already there.”

Since joining the family of Rojas Buitrago, Toby Taxista’s life has improved significantly. The dog and his family wouldn’t have it any other way; their days are now full of love and excitement.


We all adore him so much, but he’s spoilt, said Rojas Buitrago. He is now a member of our family, and we won’t ever give him up.


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