21 Stunning Pics Of Maine Coons, World’s Largest Domesticated Cats

One of the best types of relaxation is watching a cat play around with objects that they see and say as theirs. Have you ever heard of such friendly giants before? You’ll be in love with these dog-like cats if you’re in love with dogs, too. They are haughty, but all the same, intelligent and playful. Check out these mobile phone covers, posters, and other fancy pieces of Maine Coon cats, the world’s biggest domesticated cats.

Thanks to their unique physical appearance and amazing hunting capabilities, Maine Coons have been the largest domesticated cat breed. An adult cat grows up to 1 m in length and is between 6 and 8 kg in weight. Robert Sijka has taken some great pictures of these fascinating animals, and you’re going to want to check them out.

As a cat lover himself, it’s no wonder that he’s interested in cat photography. He and his family moved to China about 14 years ago, and he couldn’t help but miss these caring animals. Six years later, after returning to China, his wife Izabella initiated a cat breeding program.

His work on cat photography started after the initial litter of cats had been conceived. He was passionate about cats and pictures, so he combined them. He took the odd shots of the dignified animals. His main pleasure was to collaborate with his interesting colleagues.

Do you want to get a Maine Coon now? You might know someone who owns one, or you might even have one yourself! In the comments, share your thoughts with us.

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