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Stray Puppy Follows a Woman to her Home at the Right Moment

Karen couldn’t help but notice someone following her as she walked down her neighborhood path.

A frightened German shepherd had been pacing along the sidewalk behind me, definitely curious but at a safe distance.


In an interview, Karen, who had requested anonymity, had this to say: “I wasn’t afraid of her following. At first, I attempted to approach her, but she was too terrified. I sat on the sidewalk and waited.”

Karen was concerned that the dog had been abandoned due to her breed, and she immediately felt drawn to her. She couldn’t leave her alone.


She discovered that the stray puppy had been seen several times in the vicinity, but no one had been able to gain her trust.

“Everyone attempted to capture her, including the humane society, neighbors, and security,” Karen explained.

For some reason, the nervous dog felt more secure around Karen. Karen was able to bring the dog home after much persuasion and patience.

“I was the first one she let get near,” Karen explained. “I am astounded at how these things happen.”


The coupling felt predestined. Karen was on the edge about obtaining another dog after losing her beloved golden retriever, Lola, in 2019. She had no clue her new best buddy would appear out of nowhere. She instantly fell in love with the dog and called her Nala.

“Nala followed me and dispelled any doubts I had about finally acquiring a dog,” Karen explained. “Sometimes you believe you’re not ready for a scenario, then fate comes in and says, ‘Umm, yeah, you are.'”

Karen recorded a video capturing her experience and it immediately went popular online.

“I’m shocked my reel affected so many people, but I’m thrilled that people care about rescue!” Karen stated.

Karen had told what she believed was the entire tale, but Nala had one more surprise in store for her.


Karen became concerned when Nala began to exhibit symptoms of bloating and illness. She went to the veterinarian for advice.

Nala wasn’t unwell, she was pregnant, it became evident quickly.

Nala gave birth to eight healthy puppies within a few days.

“Nala is the greatest mother!” Karen stated. in the world, and in the world.


The vet estimated that Karen discovered Nala when she was four weeks pregnant, but because she hadn’t been eating much, Nala didn’t display evident indications of pregnancy. The dilemma didn’t become evident until Karen began feeding Nala on a daily basis.

“These moments may transport you to places you never imagined,” Karen remarked.


Karen had no idea the strange path Nala would take her down when they met by accident on a stroll that day — but she wouldn’t exchange her experience, or her new puppy, for anything.

“All I can do now is make sure she’s safe and happy for the rest of her life,” Karen explained. “I saved her, but she also saved me.”


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