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Amazing Moment Captured On Camera Service Dog Goes Above And Beyond

Zoomie is a stray Rhodesian-mix puppy in need of assistance after her family abandoned her in the woods.

She was left to fend for herself at the age of four months. She discovered a nearby creek to remain hydrated and sought refuge beneath a row of olive trees bordering the side of a road.

She waited for her family — or a caregiver — to come and locate her for more than a week.


A kind stranger noticed the pooch curled up on the side of the road one day and began giving her burritos every time he passed by. He immediately contacted Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR) to inform them that there was a young puppy in need of assistance.

Kyya Grant, the director of ACPR, answered to the call alongside one of her staff members. As soon as she arrived, she recognized that the rescue would not be swift.

“She was so terrified and barked so much,” Grant explained in an interview. “[Dogs in this scenario] are extremely difficult to catch.”

Instead of forcing the terrified puppy into the box, Grant chose to gradually build her trust. She placed the box aside and began chatting to the puppy, telling her that everything was fine.

Grant was still too terrified to approach the dog, so the committed rescuer decided to try something new.

“I went back that night, put some food out, and chatted to her some more,” Grant explained.

The dog remained hesitant, but Grant could tell she knew her since she didn’t bark. Grant sprinkled kibble on the ground, and the dog gently emerged from her hiding spot.


The dog ate a few bits of food before reaching up and resting her head on the hand of her savior.

Grant returned to the roadside where the dog had been the next morning. To her amazement, the dog knew her savior and was overjoyed to see her.

“She was ecstatic,” Grant added.

The dog was obviously overjoyed to find that someone had returned for her, and she celebrated by doing laps around the road.

“She became all bubbly and zoomie,” Grant explained. “That’s how we came up with the name Zoomie.”

Zoomie’s reaction may be seen here:

When it came time to bring Zoomie home, Grant was concerned that she might refuse to enter the crate on her own. As a result, she decided to reach down and pick up the dog herself.

“She didn’t even respond,” Grant added. “She let me pick her up, so I placed her in the kennel and went home right away.”

Grant brought Zoomie to ACPR, where he got medical attention and was officially added to the rescue’s registry of adoptees.

It took her some time to come out of her shell, but with the assistance of shelter personnel — who also matched her with a calm dog buddy to help relax her — Zoomie began to feel more at ease in her surroundings.

Soon after, a couple came by the shelter and fell in love with Zoomie. They submitted an adoption application as soon as they could, and Zoomie soon had her own permanent family.


Zoomie, according to Grant, is in love with her new existence. She generally enjoys a nice sleep with her new dog sister when she isn’t racing about with her buddies at doggie day care.


Zoomie is missed by the team, but the adorable puppy and her wonderful rescue will be remembered lovingly.

“She’s the prettiest thing,” Grant said.


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