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Scary-looking harpy eagle- not a human wearing a costume!

At very first sight you may be scared or maybe feel like it is a human with a bird costume. Or else it can feel like a strange creature from a science fiction movie. But actually, this is not such a thing. This is the largest bird on earth, and it is the Harpy eagle, also known as the American harpy eagle.


This majestic bird is the largest and definitely the most powerful raptor found in rain forests. The harpy eagle could weigh between 8, 5 to 20 pounds and its wingspan could reach more than 7 feet.

Once a Reddit user recently shared some photos with the rare bird and within a day harpy, eagles’ reputation was grown higher. But on the other hand, the bird already is on the endangered animal list. The harpy eagle is a fierce predator, being on the top of the food chain. However, because of humans mostly because of deforestation, their numbers have dramatically decreased.


Native to rainforests from central and South America, there were less than 50,000 individuals left in the wild. Most of them have lived in the Brazillian forests, and it is worth it.


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