Say Hello to the World’s Cutest Octopus, Adorabilis

An unclassified octopus has been found in the depths of the sea, with the cutest puppy dog eyes, and the proposed name for this cute octopus is ‘Adorabilis.’ A marine biology researcher at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Stephanie Bush came up with this name, as she wanted to name this creature something that would sum up the cuteness of this octopus.

credit: YouTube /huffpost

This adorable tiny octopus looks like a cute cartoon with its big puppy dog eyes and even tinier ‘wing-like’ fins on its head. Although it’s now just known as the ‘flapjack octopus’, the full scientific name in consideration is ‘Opisthotheusis Adorabilis.’

In an interview, Bush laughs and recollects: “I thought that since this animal is so adorable, I should name it adorabilis. I’m supposed to be this really serious stoic scientist, but I’m still human. It’s just so cute.” This species was initially identified in the early 1990, but Bush is the first in attempting to describe this octopus which is the size of a human fist.

credit: YouTube /huffpost

The woman also goes on to say: “Giving it a name is one of the easiest parts. We have to collect multiple specimens. There’s a lot of counting and measuring essentially. You have to differentiate one species from others.” And for those who’ve already noticed this creature, those eagle eyed ones, in the hit movie “Finding Nemo” this flapjack octopus was featured as “Pearl.”

What’s typical among the critters and creatures in the deep sea is their pinkish color. Although they have a pinkish color, as red light doesn’t reach the deepest depths of the sea, they appear black. Measuring 7 inches overall in diameter, the body of these creatures resemble gelatin. Although spending most of their time lounging on the deep sea floor, these adorable creatures use their webbed arms to swim around the water.