Rescuers Save Abandoned Sisters Amidst Lightning Storm

With lightning streaking across the blue and black sky, the undeterred rescue team consisting of Katelyn Mannion, Kim Reid and Fiona McClintock trudged ahead. The team knew that there were two lost and scared German shepherd sisters who needed their help, and they were going to stop only after they had found the duo. As soon as the team got the tip about the dogs, jumped into action as they have often helped in such rescues around Fermanagh, Ireland. This three day search led the trio through farmlands and dense woods.


On the final day, Reid, Mannion and McClintock were extremely worried that they would never spot the dogs. In an interview, Mannion says: “We were feeling a little deflated as we couldn’t get close to them, and we just wanted to bring them to safety.” However, after hours and hours of searching, the dogs were sighted cowering in the shed of a local farmer. Mannion goes on to say: “It was a very intense, overwhelming feeling of pure joy and excitement. We were still very concerned for their well-being, but we were just so thrilled to have them in a secured area. There were definitely a few tears.”


While immediately rehabilitating the sisters, the rescuers named them Thora and Levina. Lost Paws NI and Little China Dog Rescue offered their help to the team in paying for veterinary care and offering a rescue space. Mannion also adds: “This took so much pressure off us, and we could just really enjoy our time with them. It was almost euphoric!” Within a few hours, the sisters started appreciating their rescuers and saw them in a new light.


Mannion also goes on to add: “Once they were caught and given the suitable medication and treatment they needed, they started to show their own personalities a bit more. They went from running away from people to asking for more cuddles.” Until both dogs are adopted, they have settled into their foster homes for the time being. Although nobody knows where the two sisters came from, what the rescue team does know is that their story has a happy ending with a loving forever home. Finally the rescuer adds: “We couldn’t ask for any better. They are so content, and they know they are so loved.”