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Rescue crew discover a friendly dog waiting at the summit of a hill

Jenna Rezzonico, a local animal rescuer, observed a fuzzy blur dangerously near to the road as she drove along the twisting mountain roadways of northern California.

As she got closer, she could see him more clearly – a sweet brown dog alone at the top of the mountain.


Rezzonico, the owner of Rezzi Rescue, realized she had to step in. Fortunately, another Good Samaritan saw the dog and pulled over. Rezzonico and the Good Samaritan persuaded the dog off the road and into their respective autos. They then awaited the arrival of animal control. Rezzonico reached inside her van for some dog food, and the pup eagerly began to eat.


In an interview, Rezzonico explained: “He was quite hungry. I could tell he’d just taken off his collar because you could see the impression of it.”

Despite his tough circumstances, the dog, eventually named Marley, was extremely friendly, rolling over and asking for attention.

“He’s a really nice dog,” Rezzonico remarked. “[He] also appeared a little nervous, maybe due to his former owner.”


Officers evaluated Marley after they arrived, verifying that the puppy had been abandoned on the mountain.

The Good Samaritan who was waiting with Rezzonico happened to have a friend who was wanting to adopt a puppy. When Marley was ready to be adopted, his pal met him and knew he was the one.


Marley can rest easy knowing that he’ll never have to fend for himself again, thanks to his new family and his new dog sister.


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