Graveyard Puppy has the Best Reaction When He Sees His Rescuers Again

Staff employees at a Missouri cemetery were not alarmed when they noticed a shadow strolling around the graveyard one night. They’d just had an influx of guests, the majority of whom walked on four legs.

They established their visitor was a little, stray dog after getting a better look the next day. He was lost most of his hair and his feet were too painful to walk on, so they contacted Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL).


According to Donna Lochmann, chief life saving officer of SRSL, numerous stray puppies make their way into the cemetery.

They have a large cemetery where they can get away from humans.”

But because every stray dog needs suitable shelter, Lochmann and the cemetery personnel promptly devised a rescue plan. They split out and searched the cemetery for the puppy.


After a period of searching, one of the members of the search squad heard a disturbance coming from a shrub and discovered the puppy curled up behind it.

Lochmann grabbed the puppy and rushed him to the doctor, where he was treated for his skin condition and foot wounds. They called him Kamper after one of the tombstones in the cemetery where he was discovered.


When Kamper began to feel better, his carers at SRSL wanted to take him back to the cemetery to meet his rescuers one more.

“Everyone was really upset, especially Kamper and the volunteer who contacted us,” Lochmann added.

Kamper’s face lighted up with delight as he saw the cemetery employees again. He charged towards them all, planting huge kisses of thanks on their cheeks.

The personnel at the cemetery were just as thrilled to see him.

“The woman who called was overjoyed that we had him and that he was doing so well,” Lochmann explained. “We truly appreciated that she had called us so that he may obtain some assistance.”

Kamper said goodbye to his buddies at the cemetery after a few tears and a lot of kisses. He returned to SRSL, but he didn’t remain long.

Fortunately for Kamper, the shelter was able to immediately place him in a loving foster family. Kamper gets to play with his new dog siblings as he waits for a future home, in addition to having routine medicated baths and a new set of pajamas to protect his recovering skin.


Finally, Lochmann adds: “It’s so much delight to see him play and be happy, knowing that he’s no longer this fearful, ill dog surviving on the streets. Now he can simply be a puppy.”