Random cat comes to cuddle with a man recovering from an operation

Years ago Andrew Falloon’s father had to undergo surgery. He had been recovering at home. His doctors had ordered him to get plenty of bed rest. But he was not alone to face it.

His mom has gone out to run a few errands and left one of the doors slightly open. When she came home, what she found was his dad and this cat curled up on the couch.

The random cat’s gesture is so adorable. Falloon’s dad was holding hands with the uninvited houseguest as they know each other. He hasn’t been the biggest cat person so when the mom wakes him up, he was as surprised as anyone.


Later they came to learn that the cat’s name is Ziggy. He is a friendly neighbourhood feline and he has been known to drop by other people’s homes on occasion to say hello.

But on this day, his visit seemed like a house call.


After the nap, Dr Ziggy stayed around for a bit and then took off to his next appointment. We don’t know whether his cuddling session aided in Falloon’s dad’s recovery. But the only thing we know is that time spent with a sweet cat is always good for the soul.

However, his dad is well after his operation.

Good job Ziggy! Keep going!