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Raccoon buried alive owes his life to kindhearted kids

A helpless Raccoon found himself in deep trouble after he was buried alive. But thankfully he got a second chance after two very kind youngsters accidentally came across him and saved his life. The dramatic rescue was caught on cameras. And now the two heroes are famous all over the place.

It was Daiton, 14, and his brother Rylen, 12 the heroes that saved the hopeless animals from a certain fate. The two brothers and their dad, Dray McMillon returned from a family reunion. Since their property is surrounded by woods, they often explore the area. That day they also did the same. But after a few minutes of walking, they came across a collapsed animal burrow. Fearing that a helpless animal could be trapped inside, they rushed to investigate it.

Dray McMillon

Unfortunately, their fear came true and they found a poor raccoon got trapped inside. It was unable to move, and the tiny creature was scared and confused. So the boys knew that they had to act quickly in order to save his life. They understood that every second matters for the mission, as they had no idea for how long the animal was trapped in.

They initially rushed into their dad, and after hearing the news, Dray grabbed a shovel and followed his boys. The raccoon was around 2-3 feet down in the hole. Only his head and his front legs were exposed. the animal was struggling and gasping for air.

Without knowing the Raccoon’s exact body position they had to be extremely careful when digging around the animal. The rescue proved tougher than they thought. When it is getting dark, they decided to call Wild west Wildlife Rehabilitation center for help.


The center immediately dispatched a volunteer to the scene. After several hours, of intense rescue efforts, they managed to free the raccoon. Thankfully he hasn’t suffered any injuries. They released him back in the forest and two boys couldn’t be happier! Their dad was very proud of his sons!


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