Public Worker finds Baby Seal in the Middle of the Road who doesn’t want to Return to the Ocean

A public works employee called the Cape Elizabeth Police Department at 1:30 a.m. to report a seal in the middle of the road.

Confounded, an officer went to investigate and saw the seal chilling out on the road, enjoying the snow. The cop recognized he didn’t belong there and managed to apprehend him and return him to the water. Then another call came in around 7 a.m. The seal had returned.


The seal was returned to the water, and an hour later, he was discovered in the same area. Maybe it was the fragrance of the local doughnut store or the small-town atmosphere, but whatever it was, the seal wanted to hang around there. The police department contacted Marine Mammals of Maine, who transported the seal to their center to ensure he was okay.


Marine Mammals of Maine had this to say in one of their Facebook posts: “His inspection revealed that he was recently weaned from his mother and, regrettably, has been having a difficult time on his own. He is underweight and will remain at our hospital for much-needed nourishment and care until he is ready to be released.”

The baby seal, it turns out, was just searching for some companionship, which his buddies at the center are more than glad to supply until he’s ready to venture out on his own again. For the time being, he’s getting plenty of rest after his many, many adventures.


“After all of his excursions in the previous 24 hours, he has spent the whole day napping and sucking his flippers,” said Marine Mammals of Maine.