Monday, June 17, 2024
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Parrot makes surprise appearance on highway traffic cam

Traffic cameras are not only usually records the traffic. Some accidentally captured moments are also there.

Usually, cars and trucks pass by in an endless stream all day. But thanking the cute one-feathered local in Brazil the particular traffic camera’s feed just got very interesting. What they saw was really interesting.

The cars and trucks were going peacefully on the road and this particular parrot was peeking into the camera. The bird was later identified as a turquoise-fronted parrot which is a colorful species native to the region.

Lest the parrots’ beauty was unappreciated due to her close-up mugging on camera. It is better to take a look at their glory.


The parrot’s visit to the traffic camera may have been brief, but for those few adorable moments at that busy moment.


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