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8 ways to keep your pet busy when they alone at home

Do you know how it feels to our beloved pets when we are not home? We know the basic rules for leaving pets at home. Give them enough food and water, exercise your dog before you leave, and pick up any items that could be dangerous for them. But they will still feel lonely when their human is not around. Next time, wherever you go, remember to do the following.


Make a safe place

It is better to keep your pet in their favorite or feel comfortable, secure, and happy. Make sure that you are not keeping them in the kitchen, otherwise, you will see a world war there when you back home. Keep their toys and cuddly cave bed with them.

Fill a toy with frozen treats

Fillable toys in the market are for keeping your pets busy the whole day. You should fill a hollow rubber toy with favorite fillings such as peanut butter. After filling the treat put it in the freezer overnight. Now your pet’s favorite treat is ready to make its day busy.


Secure the entertainment

Let them watch their favorite shows. There are many YouTube channels and TV networks that are there to keep your dog engaged with it. It will keep calm them. You can let your dog watch DOGTV. For cats also there are many fun YouTube channels are available. Let your cat watch its favorite birds all day.

Then lure the entertainment to your window

Feed the hungry backyard birds and give your cat something to watch with a window feeder. The birds will flock to the feed and the kitties will be glued to the action outside. It is a low-cost, low-maintenance way to make your cats wow.


Rotate some brain game toys

Treat dispensing and puzzle toys reward the pets for completing challenges. It will keep them mentally stimulated. They also help to fight boredom.

Snuffle mat or scratcher bed

Snuffle mats are too cute to be believed. These fun mats come in adorable patterns. Sprinkle tiny bits of tasty crumbly treats in all the crevices of the mat and let your dog go to work hunting for every last bit. A scratcher bed will also help cats which keeps clas off your furniture and provides a great nap space.

Catnip from fairy

Before you leave sprinkle some catnips on cat beds. They will start licking or rolling around until they snooze.

Tap into the thrill of the chase

If your pup or kitten loves to chase anything and everything try out an automated toy that jumps, wiggles, and rolls. Find one for your pet that turns on and off at random times.


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