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Parking Lot cat approaches a woman and begs to accompany her home

Avery Rogers signed in for a shift at her family’s food truck, Lucky Dogs NC, on a chilly and windy day in Valdese, North Carolina, expecting to spend the next few hours delivering food to hungry customers when she noticed a little, fuzzy cat across the parking lot.

“I had no idea if she was stray or wild, or what the scenario was,” Rogers explained in an interview.

Guests vindicated that the riddle beast was a cat, and Rogers saw that the cat was getting near to the truck after a while.


“A lot of people believe she smelled the food from our truck,” Rogers explained. “Maybe that’s why she kept getting closer.”

The cat eventually got so near to the food truck that she began using the customers’ parked automobiles as refuge. Rogers watched her closely and ultimately provided her the only goodie she had.

“Around halfway through my shift, I placed out some water and a hot dog for her,” Rogers explained.


While cats aren’t known to consume hot dogs, Rogers watched as the eager cat gobbled it in a matter of minutes. The cat also hung around at the food truck for the duration of Rogers’ shift.

She came up to the cat as soon as Rogers’ shift ended to see if she would approach her.

“I was completely expecting her to flee, yet she went straight up to me.”

Rather of fleeing, the cat coiled up in the arms of her new companion. Indeed though she was alone, she appeared healthy, which Rogers says is a indication that she was placed there on purpose.

” She was really tidy and relatively nice,” said Rogers.” She appeared to have been ditched.”


Rogers made the conscious decision to bring the cat home with her. Her husband called and was waiting for them in the parking lot with a cat carrier.

Rogers took the cat to the veterinarian before bringing her home to check for a microchip. Nothing came up, much to her amazement. The cat was now legally hers.

Rogers called the cat Blue in honor of her food truck’s most famous hot dog, the Bluetick Hound.

Blue had a clean bill of health from the vet, who assessed her age to be approximately one year old, and she returned home to begin the finest chapter of her life.

Blue now spends her days in her new happy home cuddled up on her favorite bed. She’s still getting to know her cat siblings, Bagheera, Bear, Blake, and Benley, but Rogers thinks she’ll soon be perfectly at home. For the time being, she’s content with as many cuddles as she can receive.


“She’s completely a lap kitty,” Rogers remarked. “She simply sort of hangs out wherever we are.”

Others may argue that Rogers discovered Blue at the perfect time, but Rogers believes the opposite is true. Shortly after finding Blue, one of Rogers’ childhood cats, Bentley, was given a one-to-two-day prognosis. Blue unexpectedly became a much-needed source of consolation for Rogers.

“It’s difficult, but she’s very snuggly,” Rogers added. “She arrived just when we needed her.”


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