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OwlKitty steals the hearts of the fans by recreating the Iconic T.Rex scene from Jurassic Park

You may have already seen this cat-version of “Jurassic Park” on YouTube. It was kind of hilarious but remaking is amazing with the technology!


The masters behind this are Tibo Charroppin and his cat Lizzy. Together they have made the OwlKitty. They are amazingly well-crafted videos. Editing Lizzy into footage from classic films is the forte of OwlKitty. The famous Jurassic Park clip was their latest project of it. And the main role, Lizzy the cat, nailed it!

It may be a short clip but to produce this, it takes about two months. It requires both careful editing and of course, treats for Lizzy. Not a little, she needs a lot! And what will make the fans feel grateful is they are also going to release the behind-the-scenes footage of how the clip was made!

The rainy T. rex scene was the one Tibo had been wanting to do for a while but it always seemed tricky. It was tough to remove the dino, but it was especially difficult to work around the rain and the smoke from the flare. But, surprisingly enough, getting Lizzy to act was the easy part.

Not unlike Lizzy’s character in the “Jurassic Park” scene, she loves snacks! It was easy with the food! “She is so food motivated!” Charroppin said.


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