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Obese Bear Rescued from Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Club After Decades in Confinement

Dillan, the Overweight Asiatic Black Bear, Rescued from Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Club After Decades in Confinement

Photos of Dillan, an exceptionally overweight Asiatic black bear, took the internet by storm in 2020.

For decades, Dillan was kept inside a small concrete enclosure at the Union County Sportsmen’s Club in Pennsylvania. All the while, the booming sounds of gun range fire rang out just 200 feet away from his cage.

Dillan was, unfortunately, declawed. Among a slew of health issues were his rotting teeth and swollen, infected gums.

As time passed, this poor bear also became more and more obese; experts estimate he’s hundreds of pounds overweight. However, he always lacked an adequate amount of water.

Just when it seemed as though Dillan was likely to die in his tiny cage, People magazine published a story about his plight.

It all started when actor Alec Baldwin wrote the governor of Pennsylvania, urging him to do something about the neglected animal.

In the video clip, see how that one article ended up changing Dillan’s fate. It looks like his life is about to be a whole lot different … and in the best way possible.


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