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Here’s How the Twins Look 12 Years After Birth with Their Extraordinary Appearance and Distinctive Eyes

Here’s How the Twins with Extraordinary Eyes Look 12 Years After Birth

Twin sisters Megan and Morgan gained worldwide fame at the age of four.

In 2015, their mother, Stephanie, shared photos of her four-year-old twins on social media. The dark-skinned girls with blue eyes quickly caught the attention of internet users, who noticed their resemblance to their mother, who also has a fascinating appearance.

When looking at images of the identical twins, something extraordinary is noticeable. Due to heterochromia, a genetic mutation, one of the sisters has a bright blue eye, while the other eye is brown, which she inherited from her father. This unique combination made Megan and Morgan instant stars.

Today, more than 800,000 people follow the sisters on social media. Fans never tire of showering the girls with compliments, noting the divine charm of these 12-year-old beauties. Stephanie mentions that her daughters are happy with the public attention. They enjoy being in front of the camera, participating in advertising photoshoots and video recordings for their blog.

As a proud mother, Stephanie is confident that her daughters will soon conquer the catwalks and become famous models.


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