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Now it is allows to bury the pet alongside the owner.

Are you a real dog lover, I mean a REAL one? Does your heart rate go up when you look at your fluffy baby? And would you do anything to be with him or her?

Well, though we utterly despise it, there will be a time to be departed from your pet and I know, trust me, nothing hurts like when your pet passes away.

In a society full of typical people, New York decided to change the laws for animals when it comes to their burial.  So, now the law in New York has passed that your animal can be buried in a human cemetery with their owners.

It’s ironic when people decide ‘humans’ are more intelligent than animals. Has your dog ever disappointed you as a person has? I guess not. So, this law of animals’ burial has applauded by many pet lovers. The real pet lovers know that the pet is a part of the family. So, what they want is to be near their pets who made them happy in every way, even after they have gone.

However, there are restrictions when it comes to burial. Religious cemeteries and individual cemeteries have the right to refuse this law as they wish.

A pet cemetery in Westchester Count said that there are at least five people who wish to be buried with their pets each year. So, this law might take them over the moon.

The step New York took might open the others’ eyes. Rather than being conventional, it’s good to pay attention to every living creature on Earth.

With this law, the people have the freedom to be buried with their loving pets one day. So, if the cemetery agrees, you have eternity with your pets.


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