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It Has Confirmed That Dogs Can Sense Bad People

There are dogs who chase people away and there are dogs who wag the tails for people. what category are you in?

Have you wondered why this happens? Well, according to a study published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, it has found that dogs can sense the person’s personality. It shows that dogs can sense when a person is being mean to another person.

To prove this theory, scientists created various scenarios. One of them is, a volunteer helps another person to open a jar while the dog was present. Another scenario was, the volunteer was passive to the other person and in the last scenario, the volunteer didn’t help at all.

After this, the volunteer was asked to give a snack for the dog.

The volunteer who helped to open the jar and the volunteer who was passive was successful in giving a snack for the dog. It seemed that nicer the volunteer could be, better he could win the heart of the dog.

But when the volunteer who didn’t help tried to give a snack for the dog, he ignored the volunteer. It seemed that the dog didn’t trust the person who was mean.

So, it is clear that dogs judge us. Isn’t it amazing? In a world where full of fake ‘humans’, we got a lot to learn from dogs.


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