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Nepal Annually Celebrates a Festival to Thank Dogs for Being Our Loyal Friends.

Are you a dog lover too? Then, you gonna love Nepal as I do. In Nepal, along with ‘Diwali’, they have dedicated five days for dogs to thank dogs for being the best and the loyal friends of humans.

Dogs, being friends of humans for centuries, have provided friendship, loyalty and proved in every way that they are better than humans. Therefore, as a token of appreciation, the people in Nepal celebrate an event called Kukur Tihar or Kukur Puja to pay their respect to dogs.

In the second of this event, people worship dogs offering food and adorning them with garlands and marking their forehead with ‘tika’ which is a red powder, which symbolizes that animals are sacred and should be honored.

The best part is that people pay respect not only for pet-dogs, For this occasion, they also cherish about stray dogs in the same way.

The purpose of this event is that Hindus think by venerating the dogs, the Hindu God of Death; Yama will be appeased because they believe the dogs as the messenger of Yama.

In the Mahabharatha, it’s mentioned that the King of righteousness; Yudhishthira didn’t want to enter Heaven without his pet dog. So, Hindus believe that the dogs should be worshiped.


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