Neighbors discover an unexpected person peering out of a sewer drain

Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, wants to save as many dogs as she can in the Los Angeles region.

In the best-case scenario, Hall and her colleagues catch a puppy in need of assistance soon after receiving the call. However, occasionally the situation is chaotic, complicating the rescue attempt.

That’s exactly what occurred the other day when a local noticed a fluffy creature dwelling in a sewage drain.


The dog, a 6-month-old retriever mix, lurked for weeks beneath a residential neighborhood before anybody found her. Most people ignored her until one day, when a dog lover noticed her and refused to leave her side.

The Good Samaritan shared the pup’s location on Facebook, and shortly, hordes of dog lovers descended on the scene.


In an interview, Hall stated, “People were showing up with treats and leashes.” It was like a tourist trap. It was insane.”

Everyone arrived with the greatest of intentions, but their presence worried the already traumatized infant even more.

The dog escaped rescuers by burrowing in the rear of the sewage drain, which Hall called the “hole.” She was well out of reach, and they couldn’t entice her with long rods and poles.


“She would come out from the sewer and look, but as soon as somebody would come to help her, she would run back in,” recalled Hall. “She was so far back there, at least 18 feet.”

So, after politely requesting everyone else to leave, Hall and her colleagues planned a unique strategy.

“We knew we had to get her hole covered,” Hall explained. “That was the only way we’d have a chance to get her.”

They waited nearly two days for the dog to emerge from the drain. When the hungry girl eventually appeared, the team quickly closed the hole.


The rescue crew exhaled a sigh of relief when they realized the dog, eventually called Cora, couldn’t go back into the hole. Hall, on the other hand, felt a twinge of sympathy for her.

“That was her little home for the next two weeks,” Hall explained. “She felt safe there.”

Still, Hall was confident that the best was yet to come for Cora.

Cora fled beneath a vehicle for protection once her hole was closed off. Hall slid a snare leash over her head after the crew deployed baby gates to block the bottom of the car.


“When they yelled out, ‘Suzette, you got her,’ I literally couldn’t hold back the tears,” said Hall. “We all stood there and sobbed.”

Hall snatched Cora up and drove her directly to Camino Pet Hospital after a long-awaited happy cry.

Cora was given a clean bill of health and a much-needed wash immediately after her arrival. She was then formally prepared for foster care.

The little girl will soon meet her temporary family, but she is still looking for a forever home.

Cora will continue to kiss her rescuers and thank them for transforming her life till then.

“She’s so sweet,” Hall commented. “And now, she’s gonna feel safe forever and ever.”