Meet the world’s largest sea turtle emerges from the sea

Turtles are one of the amazing animals in nature. They live in the sea but the population seems less when compared to the others. This is a great moment and here we see is the world’s largest turtle.

This turtle has emerged from the water onto the beach. It was a majestic leatherback turtle. It seems to have come out of the water to rest upon the sand. It moves slowly maybe because of its weight.

When considering the species, leatherback turtles are the biggest turtle species in the world. Unlike most turtles, their shell is not hard. As the name describes, their back is covered with thick leathery skin.

These leatherback turtles prefer to travel the world alone and only meet with the other turtles when breeding. They are also like other species, lay eggs on a beach and let their babies make their own way to the sea. These turtles are specially designed to cope with the cold seas. It makes them easy to dive deep inside the sea to find their favorite snack, jellyfish.

The amazing leatherback turtles have fins that can grow up to 9 feet taller than any other sea turtle species! Nature is amazingly creating the community to adapt to the habitats. Isn’t it amazing!