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Meet Marie! The kitten looks like a cute panda!

This baby kitten was found abandoned in a box. The little girl was so cute and the rescuers were immediately attracted by her original appearance.

Olga @giampicats

She was not alone but with her two brothers. The babies were in a terrible state. Employees of the Spanish animal care center ADAC Cerdanyola took them all. They were about 2-3 weeks old when found.

Marie the panda kittycatOlga @giampicats

Volunteer Olga immediately began to take care of them. They needed immediate treatment.

Olga @giampicats

The box was wet and dirty when they found the kittens. Unfortunately, out of 3 babies only little Marie who looks like a panda managed to survive. The guardians did everything possible to save her life.

Kiara and Marie the lap catsOlga @giampicats

Marie became a very affectionate cat. She always tried to be paid attention to. Finally, she found two more kitten babies to play with. They became friends with Marie and they began to spend time together.

Olga @giampicats

Now the little one is enjoying her temporary home! Sooner she will find a loving family.


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