Lucky photographer surprised by a cheetah in Savannah

This is Sasan Amir and he is a 27 years old photographer and filmmaker who lives in Germany. He frequently visits the African savannah to click the wonderful pictures and videos representing local fauna.

Predators usually occupy a special place in his portfolio. Recently he experienced a very unusual scenario.

Sasan Amir / Courtesy of Caters News

He was settled in an “ambush” and was watching the savannah in search of successful shots. Then he suddenly saw that a wild cheetah was heading towards him. Sasan was frightened and began to rise slowly, showing the beast that he was aware of his approach and was ready to defend himself.

Sasan Amir / Courtesy of Caters News

The cheetah stopped for a moment and took some time to decide, what to do next. And he again moved towards Sasan. Then, he sniffed the photographer, and then rubbed his head against him and sat down next to him like he wanted to cuddle with him.

“It was like, he needs to talk. He even began to purr like a cat” Sasan describes what he experienced.

It took him a few minutes to realize what an incredible story just happened to him! He was lucky, and honored with the opportunity to communicate with a wild beast at arm’s length!

Sasan Amir / Courtesy of Caters News

At the moment, the cheetah was absolutely relaxed and didn’t show any kind of aggression. He even licked Sasan several times, like they know each other for a long time. Fortunately, the cameras were close by and he was able to get some unique shots of interaction with a wild predator. It was a rare opportunity to touch the wildlife and he was so lucky to do that even without any consequences for life and health.