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Kitten who can’t walk finds a special foster mom with big ears and a big heart.

One day, a family noticed a stray cat in their yard in Alaska. She was not alone. By her side, there was its baby kitten. Seeing people, the mother immediately disappeared. The baby remained sitting on the ground. The house owner examined the animal and noticed that its hind legs were paralyzed. The kitten looked like he is 3 weeks old.

They named him Harpurr. Later, the baby kitten was transferred to a private organization that specializes in saving cats. It is called Alaska’s KAAATs located in Anchorage. Its founder Shannon Basner took up the new one herself.

Shannon R Basner

Hapurr was having many health problems. Doctors said he would never be able to walk. Doctors believe that the kitten may have been injured at birth. Despite all of its difficulties, the baby turned out to be quite strong. He fought for his life as much as he can. Hapurr didn’t know how to eat on his own.

Therefore, Shannon had to feed him every 2-3 hours with a bottle. This went on for 2 weeks. Gradually, the kitten got stronger. Except for dragging his feet behind him, Hapurr generally felt good. He learned to play and purr.

Shannon R Basner

The shelter staff let him play with toys. By looking at him, Shannon understood that the little one need something else, and it was love and care all the time. then she decided t introduce him to her pets.

Shannon R Basner

There were three dogs living in there. luckily all of them are good-natured dogs toward cats. Cinder, the lovely and the friendliest one of the gang immediately became friends with him. They loved each other very much.

Shannon R Basner

Cinder by the way is also picked one from the street. She knows how to treat the other rescue animals. Being homeless, she became the mother of many rescued animals more than once. Cinder has a well-developed maternal instinct. She always treats them carefully and she feels them when they are in need of help.

Sooner they became inseparable. The kitten didn’t leave the dog’s side. Even they slept together. Over time, the baby grew up, but their relationship didn’t change. At about six months, Shanon introduced Hapurr a special cart that was used to help animals with the paralyzed back of the body to move independently without dragging their legs. Hapurr appreciated the design and enjoys running around the house now.

Shannon R Basner

When Shanon removes the cart from the kitten and puts it on the couch, Cinder immediately appears and begins to lick his ward. By the way, after the kitten got to the shelter the rescuers were able to find the mother of Hapurr and her other kittens. Luckily, they were all healthy.

Shannon R Basner

Hapurr and Cinder still live with Shannon and hope their friendship will last longer!


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