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Kind-hearted man hand feeds orphaned kitten on the subway

People who love the cats will never let go of any cat orphaned. They are adorable, cute, and friendly creatures as dogs.

Gillian Rogers has witnessed a heartwarming moment recently that touched her heart. While she was riding the New York City subway there was a spirit-lifting moment unfolded straight in front of her eyes. A stranger was bottle-feeding a little kitten in the seat next to her.

Image credits GILLIAN ROGERS

Gillian is rescuing animals for a long time. Her group named Pet Rescue Squad, Inc. is also dedicated to the cause. Naturally, she has seen a few heartwarming scenes along the way, and this scene too won her heart.

The kindness he showed the kitten when it was on his lap was something that she had never seen before.

Image credits GILLIAN ROGERS

He was bottle feeding the creature. Gillian says that her heart felt like it was going to explode to see someone with that much caring. He was so in the moment itself.

With curiosity in her heart, she approached the man to ask about the kitten. He has told her that the kitten was alone between two buildings and he has rescued it. He will keep it fed and let it feel cozy rather than leave it alone.

Image credits GILLIAN ROGERS

Gillian was completely moved by the scene and she even forgot the kind man’s name by the time when she left the subway. His act of kindness made her day!

But not only her, when she post them on social media they went viral.


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