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“Kidnapped” Fawn finally reunites with his mom

Have you ever noticed “Mother knows best” also applies to animals? No matter what the species is, mothers are mothers. Mama animals know how to protect their babies from predators well. Not only predators but now animals have the instinct of being away from humans too. Because not every human is a friend to animals.

On that day a family in San Rafael, California noticed that there was something moving under their parked car. As they bent down, they were eye to eye with someone strange! There was a spotted black-tailed deer fawn blinking up at them. They assumed that the fawn must be orphaned to be in such an odd location. They brought him to Wild Care, a California- based wildlife hospital immediately.

Wild Care has rescued and rehabilitated many orphaned deer for a long time. So, they definitely knew what to do. They gave the baby deer a checkup and realized that he hadn’t been abandoned. He had a full belly, moist mouth and eyes and a normal temperature. That means he was with his deer family.

The family didn’t have any experience before about the deer. But the rehabilitation center wasn’t surprised by the finding of a deer underneath a car. It is a trick of the mother’s instinct to protect her baby from predators. All she does is place the baby in a safe place and leave them alone for hours. She thought a bulky car would provide the best cover for the baby and it never occurred to her that the car would move.

As soon as they realized what was going on, the team immediately jumped into action. They planned to bring the deer back to the area where he was initially found. They hoped that after leaving him alone for a bit his mother would trace his scent.

They didn’t need to wait for a long time. The director of Wild Care’s animal care, Melanie Piazza drove the fawn out to where they found him. She suddenly spotted the mama deer in the brush. In that situation, Melanie decided to go outside the usual protocols. She took the fawn and hand-delivered him back to his mama.

It was a risky situation to reach the mama deer while carrying her baby. With the mama deer watching cautiously, she placed the baby down. The baby happily reached his mom. Finally, her baby was back. The mama deer had a thankful look on her face. In the end, Fawn and his mama were happily reunited.

Also, Wild Care is dedicated to educating the public on what to do in these situations. They hope to prevent such accidental kidnaps happen because of less knowledge. They are also ready to come to their rescue as they know what exactly should do.


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