In the drive-through line, a woman is surprised to see who is in front of her

Emily Lamarche was stopped behind another would-be restaurant guest the other day after stopping at a fast food drive-thru in Canada.

He was unlike anyone she’d ever met before.


Lamarche was surprised to find herself in line behind a huge lynx, who was clearly out for a stroll (and maybe a snack) on that cold winter day. Lamarche sat in her automobile behind the large cat, staring at him in wonder.

Lamarche stated in an interview, “He went through the drive-thru! He returned a few glances, but remained cool. He was certainly at ease!”

Lamarche was still waiting for her order, but she got an early treat:

The lynx continued down the drive-thru lane without stopping, eventually making his way to the safety and shelter of his neighboring forested environment.

It was a food run Lamarche will never forget, especially given that lynx are notoriously secretive creatures, rarely seen by humans even in their natural habitats.

“He made his way back to the bush carefully. “It’s not something you see so near to town, usually on the highways or in the woods,” Lamarche explained. “What a lovely creature!”