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Humanity at its Best – Man Helps Tiger to get Noose off its Neck

Today we bring to you an amazing moment where a man finds a wild tiger behind his house that was in need of his help. In a remote village, a paramedic heard noises coming from outside, and although he thought that it would be just the wind, he decided to check it out anyway.

As the man stepped outside, he was met with the most amazing and heartbreaking sight and he couldn’t believe his eyes. Outside is door, lay a huge tiger. Seeing the man, the tiger slowly got up and started to make his way to the man who was frozen with horror.

Although things could’ve ended in one bite, something unexpected happened. The tiger walked up to the man and did the most incredible thing. It bowed its head. Only then did the man saw a metal noose around the tiger’s neck which was making a wound. After seeing the severely inflamed and festering wound, the paramedic knew he should do something about it, and started walking towards the barn on his property.

As if they were great friends, the tiger meekly follows the paramedic, and once they were in, the paramedic started to clean the wound after taking off the noose. However, even though the tiger was in pain, it took it all like a champ, and did nothing except refusing the food that was offered to him.

The tiger disappeared once the smell was gone and the inflammation had gone down. Thanks to the help of this kind paramedic, the tiger’s life was saved. Some days later when this paramedic went out to find a deer carcass, left by the tiger as thanks for saving its life.


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