Hero Finds a “mouse-sized” puppy crying out for its mother in the middle of the road

A little puppy named Yuki started to whimper on the lonely streets of Lonavala, India, in an effort to attract attention.

Manasvi Pawase, a kind neighbor, heard Yuki asking for assistance and came to her aid.


Outside, I heard a dog crying,” Pawase said in an interview. “When I went to check, I discovered this tiny dog, just three weeks old, standing outside our door. Her sweetness surely made me melt, so I wrapped her in my sweatshirt right away.

Yuki sank into the safety of her rescuer’s arms and felt at ease.


She was “overjoyed” to have found a person who could offer her the warmth of love, according to Pawase. She seems to have been denied it for a very long time.

Pawase, a member of the Strays of Panvel animal rescue organization, started to work helping Yuki feel at ease. The small puppy settled right in and was overjoyed to unwind.

She fell asleep like a baby as soon as she arrived at my house, according to Pawase. She was worn out from dealing with all the uncertainties, I could tell.


After considerable searching, Pawase located Yuki a foster home with Bailey and Melisa Rego. Yuki changed from a once-quiet newborn to a rambunctious teen, glad to have another dog around.

She was a total storm, I tell ya! stated Pawase. “Always running and playing with humans, giving them kisses and affection, and learning to play with toys.”

When Yuki reached the appropriate age, Pawase organized the hunt for her forever home. After sifting through a deluge of questions, Pawase discovered the ideal match.


Despite being happy that she was able to assist the kind dog, Pawase was sad to see Yuki leave. She still has no idea who abandoned Yuki or where she came from, but she is grateful that everything turned out okay in the end.

Whatever the causes, Pawase remarked. Just happy she managed to get in touch with me.