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Here Are Some Advices for You If You Wake Up At the Same Hour Every Day

Do you awake at the same time, everyday even without your alarm? What do you think about this phenomenon?

Well, most of us would just ignore this as nothing serious. But maybe, there are reasons behind this even though we don’t care much.

Traditional Chinese medicine gives a clear explanation for this. 

It says that, the time you wake up means that energy meridians influence different parts of your body. Simply put, the time you wake up can describe physical and mental problems you have.

Usually, people go to bed around 9-11p.m. But if you find it’s hard to fall asleep within this period, it’s a sign that you are stressed over something.

If you wake up between 11p.m and 1a.m, it means you are emotionally disappointed.

The ancient Chinese medicine explains that during these hours, our gold bladder is activated. So, if you wake up during these hours, it means that you are under stress. To overcome this, you need to practice self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.

If you wake up between 1a.m to 3a.m, it means that you are angry.

Waking at this time is connected with anger and yang energy. And this is the time where the liver is activated. So, to have a sound sleep, you can drink some cold water and practice meditation before going to bed.

Waking up between 3a.m to 5a.m means that a Higher Power is trying to reach you

At these hours the meridian is connected to lungs and emotion of sadness. If you wake up during these hours, it means that a Higher Power is guiding for your purpose. But, if you want to go back to sleep, try praying or breathing slowly.

Waking up between 5a.m to 7a.m means that there’s an emotional blockage.

The energy at this hour is connected with large intestines. So, if you wish to continue your sleep, try to do a bit of stretching and maybe using the bathroom can help you to go back to sleep.