For a little dog that has been abandoned in a world she cannot see, a man changes everything

Three years ago, a woman was wandering through a park near her house in Mexico when she came across a terrible scenario.

An abandoned puppy was shivering alone beside a chain-link fence. The fact that the poor youngster had been left to fend for herself in a world she couldn’t see added to her sorrow.

A closer examination revealed that the dog lacked eyes.


Unable to take the puppy home alone, the woman who saw her took to social media, issuing a plea for assistance on Facebook.


Mauricio Perez initially learnt about her circumstances there.

In an interview, Perez stated, “Without hesitation, I went to find her.” She was quite thin. Her bones were visible.”


But everything changed in that split second.

Perez took the terrified puppy into his arms and carried her home.


“My girlfriend helped me bathe her, and then we took her to the vet,” Perez explained. “The vet explained that she was not born without eyes, but that something had happened to her, such as an injury or an untreated infection.” I believe her previous owners mistreated her, but we don’t know for sure.”

Despite the fact that nothing could restore the dog’s sight, Perez dedicated himself to repairing her soul.


Perez named the dog Concha and set about winning her confidence.

“It was a process,” stated Perez. “We gave her time to know that she was safe, caressing her every day until she started to let go of her fear.”

Concha’s timidity faded with time, and was replaced by ease and trust.

Concha’s world has been illuminated by the light of love.


Perez first equipped Concha with a “halo” gadget to keep her from colliding with objects as she traversed her new habitat. But she quickly learned to go around the home without it.

“She knows where every door is and every piece of furniture,” Perez stated. “She is aware of the location of her food and water dishes. She is quite brilliant. You’d never suspect she lacks eyes.”


Concha, on the other hand, always knows where to find affection.

“She enjoys being near people,” Perez added.

Concha has been left to face the world alone for three years. But, because to Perez’s love and care, she’s almost unrecognizable from her previous self.


“She is doing very well, she is happy and she is healthy,” Perez added.

Concha had discovered a lifelong companion in Perez, just as he had in her.


“Concha means so much to us,” added Perez. “She transformed our life. And I’m overjoyed that we were able to transform hers.”