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Father’s hilarious reaction to his partner giving birth goes viral.

“Who says fathers have it easy during childbirth? Recent viral images of a couple welcoming their third kid revealed that fathers are really worried and frequently astounded by the delivery process.

Fathers were previously barred from entering the delivery room, leaving them to wait outside, hoping for the best for both mother and child. Dads are now expected to observe the entire delivery process, which can result in amusing outcomes, as witnessed in the case of Amanda Renee and her partner Brett Sillis.

Source: Amanda Facebook

Many people were moved by the couple’s delivery room images, not only because they became parents for the third baby, but also because of Brett’s amusing facial expressions.

Many people think that Brett’s emotions are priceless, and while he may appear to be repulsed by the birthing process, his wife, Amanda, claims she isn’t. She didn’t see her husband’s emotions throughout the overwhelming experience of welcoming their kid into the world. It wasn’t until they went back over the images that they recognized how funny Brett’s expressions were.

“We didn’t even look at them until I got back into the room, and I was like ‘I have to post these,'” she added.

The happy couple and their baby girl are now back at home, spending time together and laughing at Brett’s emotions in the delivery room images.

The photographs struck a chord with many people, particularly guys who could connect to Brett, and received over 6,000 shares.

“Dawg, this was me,” wrote one father.

“And this is exactly why when my husband wanted to ‘watch,’ I clamped my knees together and told him if he didn’t get up by my head, I wasn’t going to push!” the mother said.

“Lol! I believe all males make these expressions. My spouse could only stare at my face after we delivered our kid six weeks ago. My labor lasted 15 minutes, and my doula had to tap him to get him to look at the baby because he was afraid he’d pass out from all the ‘stuff’ coming out. “Congratulations, mama!” said a third individual.

Congratulations to the happy couple on their new family member.


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