Family catches a cute little albino animal in their eyes

One day Neil Kelly and his family noticed someone strange in a tree nearby while going through a secluded road in the woods in Maine. He couldn’t help but catch their eyes.

It had a white furry coat and didn’t blend with the surroundings. It was not difficult to miss. They had no idea what it is until they researched.


But they didn’t realize that the conspicuous animal is a rare one. Maybe they will never see him again.

The animal it turns out was an albino porcupine. According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, only 1 in 10,000 porcupines are born with albinism. It makes this little guy a truly rare sight. Lucky for the Kelleys, he didn’t seem to mind being seen. He said that the little one wasn’t startled or alarmed, he was very calm and poised.


After a little while, the white guy decided to climb down from his perch and venture deeper into the woods. Kelley and his family looked on as he disappeared peacefully out of view maybe never to be seen again by another person.

It was on the edge of the secluded wooded area. The family will never forget what made their surprise!