Donkey gets its once in a lifetime ride in a police cruiser

On a busy highway in Norman, Oklahoma, Robin Strader notices something very unusual on his way to work. A scared donkey was roaming the highway, when the woman pulls over, calls the authorities and hops out to help the animal.

Photo credit: Facebook / City of Norman, OK Police Department

A little while later, an officer from the Norman PD, Kyle Canaan arrives on scene, where by then Robin had gotten the donkey off the road. At first, the officer was unsure of how to deal with the unusual challenge, but thinking on his feet he figured it out soon enough. The woman offered the officer to foster the donkey, which by then they had named Squishy at her house a few miles away. Since it would have taken awhile for a proper transportation vehicle to arrive, officer Canaan though of giving squishy a ride along, which the donkey happily accepted.

The Norman Oklahoma Police Department wrote on their Facebook page; “Our officers encounter unexpected things every day while on-duty. This morning, Officer Kyle Canaan responded to a call regarding a donkey on the loose in the 8100 block of 120th Avenue NE. To ensure the safety of the animal, he helped transport the donkey to a nearby home for safe-keeping until its owner could be located. It’s not everyday that you see a donkey in the backseat of a police car!”

As the backseat of the cruiser is usually reserved for outlaws, the donkey was very happy to ride in the back of the police cruiser. The officer and the donkey got along well with each other, except for one minor mishap. In an interview, Canaan states that “It used the bathroom in the back of my police car.

I mean, I must have got it right after breakfast, because there was a lot.” By the by, what matters and what’s most important is that the kind police officer drove his four-legged outlaw to Robin’s place safely. If there weren’t any takers on the donkey, Canaan showed interest in adopting it as well.