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Dog steals the show during the graduation ceremony

It was the graduation day for those in the senior class at Horseshoe Bend School in Alabama. Usually, it is a special day but someone made it a specifically hilarious day. That someone was Charlie- Logan Branch’s dog. Branch is one of the grads who live nearby.


During the academic year, Charlie used to appear often at the school on his own to visit with students during their breaks. He was a star in all the kid’s hearts. Branch says that everyone in the school knows that it’s his dog.

When the school year came to a close Charlie also decided to leave his mark on his way.


In the middle of the grad ceremony for Branch and his peers, Charlie decided to surprise them by joining his friends there. He came inside the gate and surprised them all.

He was not only walking in to make them surprise. The students tried their best to keep their smiles with less distraction, and then, Charlie stepped forward and reveals himself on a decorative fern.

Brach and his peers knew what is about to happen when they saw him walk to the plant. So they couldn’t help but all laughed! The embarrassing dog owner’s mood is clearly captured in the photos too! Guess who?


The grad ceremony continued afterwards and Branch admits that Charlie was the one who got the best crowd reaction of the night. Branch and his friends will surely be moving to the next chapter of their lives. But as his sister goes to the school Charlie will also continue to go there too. He just loved being around people!


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