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Dog Cuddles with human Dad in water for the cutest reason

Navó is such a loveable pup who is always up for an adventure, from hiking to swimming, and recently, Navó and his family had gone on an adventure in the Netherlands. Although even the most daring thrill seekers are scared at times, when water is involved, not Navó.

When Navó is nervous, his dad supports him by giving him a big hug. Navó’s mom, Nathalie Weusten, loves her dog’s insistence on swim cuddles given by his dad.


The woman believes that this be due to the fact that Navó wants to feel safe, and to ensure that his family is safe, and because he just loves being cuddled.

In an interview, Nathalie had this to say: “Navó enjoys and excels at swimming, but he feels most secure when he is near one of us. He despises it when one of us is too far away in the water, especially when swimming because he believes we’re in danger. We cuddle a lot, and I believe it makes him feel safe.”


With his dad, Donald Hillebregt being a triathlete, Navó is not at all afraid of the water. Whenever possible, Donald takes Navó to his training session, and the dog, being always eager to join in, seizes any opportunity to spend time with his dad.

This inquisitive and gentle dog also loves to observe his surroundings and play fetch. Nathalie goes on to explain: “He likes to watch everyone and everything. He is a friendly person who gets along with everyone.”


The dog quickly established himself as the ideal companion for them. When Hillebregt is away training or competing, Navó always provides Nathalie with the much-needed company and friendship.

Weusten finally explains: “We are truly inseparable. I adore him… he’s like a dream come true!”


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