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Cute cats await for the mailman to deliver him joy

Zeppelin is a gentle-looking handsome cat belonging to Marisa Jaffe. He is a cute boy and especially obsessed with the mailman! The person in blue, with the assortment of letters, bills and packages has become an obsession of a little cat and the mailman in return is also in love with the cat.

With a lot of his things to deliver, he typically drops off each day something more special to Zeppelin- the joy for the day!


This thing started about a year ago. Zeppelin started to observe something happening every day at home. Every morning, around the same time, a man in blue would arrive outside the front door and slip mail through the mail slot. Zeppelin found it as playthings.


The mailman realized that Zeppelin had made a game of his daily deliveries, and decided to take the moment more fun for him. there, a new friendship got its way bloomed.

His owner says that he waits by the window, and when he sees the mailman coming down the streets he gets so excited and runs to the door. It just takes a few minutes but he enjoys it so much. He gets a big happy boost when this happens.


As for the mailman, it is no doubt that he enjoys this also. Seeing their reactions, Jaffe can’t help but feel joy as well.
“I’m very grateful for their friendship,” Jaffe said. “And because of it, now I have a friendship with the mailman, too.”


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