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Cop rescues baby skunks in need of help

On that day the police station in Massachusetts got a call from a home in Cambridge. Police officer Caitlin Russell was unexpectedly summoned to help in an unrelated incident.

When she returned to her patrol car, Russell spotted a pair of baby skunks. They were wandering on the sidewalk. It seemed like they were orphans.


How could you walk away from such babies when they are alone? Her heart got melt. And the skunks were not alone anymore.

Russell was a bit hesitant to get close to them because they might spray her. But that fear went away when the babies seemed to welcome her approach.


They were very open to her presence. Also, it seemed that they are totally fine with her holding them. She has never been that close to a skunk baby. She says that they are so stinking cute.

She then called the animal control for backup. She and another officer made sure that the babies were safe in the meantime.

It turned out that Russell had been at the right place at the right time. Days prior near the same spot animal control had controlled two other baby skunks. They believe that four of them are from the same litter. Finally, they could be reunited. Russell loves animals. And she is very thankful for that.


All the babies are now at a wildlife rehab facility where with any luck. They will grow up to one day return to the wild together.

Let’s wish them a happy life together!


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