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Clever dogs team up to save the owner from an emergency

Dogs are very intelligent creatures on earth and are the most loyal pets ever. Therefore many people love to have a dog or many on their own. Rather than being just pets, they always try to do their best for their human. This story of such loyal and clever dogs will show you why you need to have a dog!

On that day, a 71-year-old man and his two dogs went for a walk on a mountain trail in Cumbria, England. The pups were so excited to be outside with their owner. They were enjoying and exploring the outside until something happened suddenly. Within that instant, they also knew what to do.


The owner of the dogs was in a medical emergency! It was a short time after passing another hiker going the other way of the trail. He got a seizure and then he lost consciousness.

There wasn’t anyone around him to see that he needs help. But luckily, his pups noticed his distress and sprang into action.

One of his gods, a black Labrador ran after a passing walker. It was back in to get her attention and tried to get her to return. She did it immediately. When she comes back she found the other dog, the golden retriever lying next to the unconscious man.


He had his phone with him but was unable to call for help. But it was his brave two dos who saved his life.
The rescuers arrived quickly to help the man. Luckily the hiker was able to regain the consciousness. He was well enough to walk the trail with assistance to the awaiting ambulance.

The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was amazed when the story unfolded during the rescue.

It seemed that the man would be okay! Thanks to his clever pets.


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